Research indicates that paying for investment advice generates a better return than not taking advice.  The potential value added is in the region of 3% a year – although, to be absolutely fair, some aspects are annual and delivered smoothly while other parts are "lumpy" chiefly at times of market euphoria or stress.

Rebalancing Investment Portfolios - While intended primarily to control risk, regular rebalancing back to the originally agreed weighting can help to increase returns by up to 0.43% a year.

Cost Effective Implementation - Every pound spent in charges is a pound off potential returns – and it's true in up markets as well as down.  The average UK bond fund ongoing charges figure (OCF) was 1.01% and 1.08% for UK equity funds.  FFP's bond portfolio costs 0.22% and equity portfolio 0.47%.  The precise savings will depend on the asset mix and will be in the region of 0.6% each year.

Behavioural Coaching - Most investors understand the importance of remaining disciplined at times of heightened uncertainty.  However, very few succeed in staying calm in turbulent markets.  Indeed, many end up taking exactly the wrong course of action.  We stop you from making The Big Mistake.

A good financial planner helps you to stick to the plan.  A good financial planner stops you from getting carried away when markets are booming and stops you from selling when markets are falling.  A good financial planner helps you focus on the things that really matter when you're making financial decisions.  Wisdom is a financial strategy. 


A good financial planner will help you focus on what works and increase your knowledge so you don't take emotional decisions with money.  A good financial planner often thinks of investing as a tool to protect money.  A good financial planner helps you to focus on those things that you can control – we can't control inflation or the markets but we can control the way we react to them.

Tax Allowances - The allocation of assets between taxable and tax advantaged accounts is another important tool that can add value each year.  After all, a pound of tax saved is likely to be the same as an extra 1% return.  Research indicates that structuring a portfolio in this way can add 0.23% a year, more for higher rate taxpayers.

Spending Strategy - The number of people in retirement is rising rapidly; many people have both ever greater options and complications.  The order in which withdrawals are taken can significantly influence overall returns.  A good financial planner helps you to create a strategy that will work best in your circumstances.

An inevitable conclusion is that expert advice is likely to be of significant value.