Many people do have just the right amount of money for the rest of their life. But the trouble is, they just don’t know it! They have no idea what’s going to happen to their finances, because no one has ever shown them. So they still stress and worry about money. They invest in all the wrong places. They take too much risk, which of course ruins their peace of mind and possibly erodes their capital. Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever considered: you might not be enjoying life as much as you could? You might be going without? Perhaps, saying “no” when you could be saying “yes”? You might have the heating on low in the winter and feel cold, when you could easily turn up the thermostat and be comfortable. You might buy cheap plonk instead of good wine. You might be taking one holiday a year when you could easily afford three. You might be missing out big time.

Perhaps you are still working when you could be playing. Or perhaps you’re saving when you should be spending!

You might already have ENOUGH. You might already have the right amount of money to see you through.

There are millions of people in this situation. The “financial porn”, the newspapers, the money pages prey on folks like this. They want you to feel insecure. They want you to feel like you don’t know enough – so you keep reading their scaremongering articles – all the time helping them make money out of advertising stuff.

At FFP, we focus on what works not on what sells. Perhaps it’s time to find out whether you have ENOUGH.

If, on prudent assumptions, you knew you were going to be okay, you could relax. You could simplify things. You could build a sensible investment strategy (incidentally, very few people have an investment strategy). You could, perhaps, de-risk. You might even be able to enjoy your money without feeling guilty. You could do more, you could live more.

What a shame it might be (for some) if you worked 5 years more than you needed to.

This is where a real financial planner, one who understands your finances, can truly help to show you your future and to build a sound portfolio based on sound, academic, Nobel prize-winning principles. The Art and Science of Investing, as we call it.