FFP Building for the future

Andrew Fort writes: - It will, I am sure, not have gone unnoticed that FFP’s office is now heavily staffed.

Many clients, when considering becoming an FFP client, may remember me saying that we hoped that they would become clients for the rest of their lives. This was not just hyperbole on my part. I always wanted to build a business that would outlast me.

Over the last few years Mark Salter and Emily Flynn, my co-directors, have very ably stepped into my shoes enabling me to gradually begin my retirement.

I am now delighted to let you know of the next phase of our journey. All 3 directors, using their pension funds as finance, have agreed to purchase a plot of land just north of the A30, in the Barton Farm development in Sherborne. Planning permission has been applied for and it is expected to be granted in March 2019.


The new building will be significantly bigger than our current premises and will allow for steady growth over the coming years. FFP has exciting plans to recruit, develop and train high quality staff to maintain the service that the firm currently provides. Most importantly it allows me to have the confidence that we can fulfil our promise to look after you for the rest of your lives. While it is exceedingly difficult to give a precise timescale, it is hoped that a move to the new premises will take place before the end of 2019.

aerial VIEW FROM SOUTH EAST (002).jpg

March 2019