What does independent mean?

FFP is free of sales targets and free to recommend the correct product and actions for each individual client. FFP is, by deliberate design, fee-based and truly independent.  We only recommend the purchase of a product if it is appropriate, not because commission is payable. Real financial planning means focusing on what works, not on what sells.

Certified Financial Planner

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER cm professionals complete a high level of training and adhere to strict rules and regulations including a code of ethics that puts the client at the heart of everything they do. There are around 1,000 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS cm (CFP) in the UK. These UK planners are part of a global financial planning profession with over 150,000 CFPs worldwide.

Chartered Financial Planner

The Chartered Financial Planner title is awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). It is a UK exam based qualification designed to test technical knowledge of various areas of financial advice including taxation, trusts, investment and pensions among others. The Chartered Financial Planner qualification is acknowledged as a Level 6 qualification (degree level) by Ofqual. 

Chartered status is the highest designation awarded by the CII. Chartered Financial Planners are required to undergo continuous professional development to keep their knowledge up to date. They are also required to abide by the CII strict code of ethics.

You can find out more about the Chartered Financial Planner designation as well as the lower level qualifications awarded by the CII on their website.