Many of the retired people that come to see us have accumulated their wealth over many years and have built up a number of different bank and building society accounts, bonds, shares, ISAs and pensions.

They now want to become financially well organised and ensure their money is working as hard as it can for them so they can spend more time enjoying their retirement without worry.

 Many of our existing clients are in retirement and from the feedback we receive are delighted that their finances are now well organised, simplified and well looked after by a firm they trust and can call upon at anytime.  

 At Fort Financial Planning, we have The Visual Forecast. This enables you to see visually what your financial future might look like and helps you make decisions about the future. It can help us answer the real questions about money like:

  • How much more can we spend in retirement without running out of money?

  • How much, if any, risk do I need to take with my investments?

  • What would happen if long term care was needed in the future?

  • What steps can I take to reduce the amount of inheritance tax my family pay?

The Visual Forecast is part of FFP’s Comprehensive Financial Planning service and will provide significant value for people with combined savings, investments and pension funds in excess of £250,000.