Do you feel you are spending so much time working that you don’t have the time or expertise to work on your own finances?

Many young professionals and business owners we meet are busy and successful people. They want to delegate their personal finances to a firm where their interests and their family’s future can be organised and well looked after.

At Fort Financial Planning we use the Getting Started Process to look at where you are now, your concerns and the risks to you and your family’s future.  We then look at where you want to be in the future and using The Visual Forecast™ can help you answer important questions such as -

  • How much do I need to earn?
  • Will my family be financially secure if either of us died prematurely?

  • What would happen if I couldn’t work?

  • Can I afford to help my children with the cost of University and buying their first homes?

  • When will I be able to stop work or reduce my hours?

  • How much should I be spending and how much should I be saving?

  • How much do I need to sell my business for?   

Once you have created your financial plan, we can help you implement your plan by arranging suitable protection plans and a personal investment strategy that will enable you to achieve your goals.

We believe our comprehensive financial planning service will provide significant value for families with a household income of £80,000+ and/or investible assets in the region of £250,000.