We all have dreams and aspirations for the future, but some of us can envisage a bigger future than others.  Even if you have achieved a ripe old age, you'll probably have aspirations for your grandchildren or other young people or other important causes.

Many people go about planning and managing their wealth in a haphazard and random manner.  They have a vague idea of what they want, gain some information and go from one financial solution to the other, without any real plan or context.

Many times we have been asked "how should I invest my capital?"  This is the same as asking "how long is a piece of string?"  The answer is "it depends."


The key to a successful financial plan is setting personal life goals and objectives in the context of your money values.  What is important about money to you?

Setting goals is not easy.  Many people have never set a goal in their lives.  However, it can be life changing.  How many people wish they could retire earlier than anticipated.  How frustrating must it be to work five years longer than is strictly necessary.  In our experience the vast majority of people rarely have a clear idea of the cost of their current or desired lifestyle and they consistently underestimate how much they are spending.  And yet, if instead of wasting money they invest it over a period of time they may just be able to transform their lives.

At Fort Financial Planning we analyse what you have already accumulated and help you to work out what should be kept, what should not and what needs to be changed.  Over a period of time we help you to edge ever closer to your goals, both financial and personal.  We help you to identify how much more you can spend without running out of money.  To identify how much you might be able to give away, to family or good causes without running the risk of running out of money.  We help you to identify how much risk you need to take with your investments, if indeed you need to take risk at all.  We help you to build investment portfolios that will deliver what you want.  We help to stop you from making typical investing mistakes.

We live in a complex world.  At FFP we aim to remove complexity, replacing it with simplicity and clarity so that our clients can enjoy their lives without worry.

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