We are specialist, independent financial planners who are highly qualified, good listeners and trustworthy. We take the time to understand your unique goals, clarify objectives, ensure plans are implemented and monitor the progress.

By deliberate design Fort Financial Planning is, and will remain, a small company.  It has been designed this way so that we have the time and expertise to provide our clients with comprehensive ongoing advice to ensure that they stay on track. We aim to establish long term relationships with all clients to help them create a plan for them and their family’s future.

Financial planning is a dynamic process. Your financial goals may change over the years due to changes in your lifestyle or circumstances, such as an inheritance, marriage, birth, house purchase or change of job status. All our clients have a minimum of one annual review meeting each year and know they can contact us at anytime throughout the year.

FFP’s service allows clients to see, visually, where they are heading financially. Our objective is to provide clients with the information they need so that decisions can be made simply and without complexity. We look to provide our clients with peace of mind, confidence and reassurance and we always remember that it’s your life, your money and your future.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Feedback at the end of a meeting is one thing, but saying a proper “Thank you” is something else. So please accept my warmest thanks for all of your individual contributions that have provided me with a service and support for the last few years. I have truly valued all that you do and the way that you do it. Engaging with your company is certainly one of the better decisions of my life.”

“I want to thank you very much for all your help with my finances, especially this past year. As you know, my sudden premature retirement came as a great worry to me, but the interview that you gave me (at short notice) last summer reassured me that I would be able to cope financially with retirement. What’s more, you made sure that what you had told me was borne out in fact, and I can live in retirement more comfortably than I had dared hope! It is a great weight off my mind to know that you have my finances so capably in hand.”

“It is invaluable to be able to share thoughts and aspects of life, which are the real reason for having money as a tool to help service them. To not be advised into investment simply for the sake of just the money and above all, to be able to have complete trust and feel relaxed and free to talk openly with confidence as appropriate. As usual – it is getting late again – the above could probably be said in a line “Thank you for a great service.”